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Trump’s Scandal Blows Up In Hillary’s Face As Anonymous Issues Statement

by Shae Weatherall in Politics

The proverbial “crap” hit the fan after a secret tape of Donald Trump allegedly making comments about women was released on Friday. However, an unlikely source is questioning the recording and has introduced information that looks very bad for Hillary. Now, it’s likely that what began as a bombshell dropped on Trump’s campaign will turn out to be a suicide vest for Hillary’s.

After an 11-year-old audio recording of Donald Trump allegedly making lewd comments about women was released by the mainstream media on Friday, millions of his supporters came to his defense. The consensus seems to be that the recording was a private conversation among red-blooded men. Although it was rather naughty in nature, it wasn’t meant to be disrespectful toward women because no women were even present during the man-chat.

A lot of questions have come up since the release of the alleged recording. Who is responsible for secretly recording a bunch of dudes on a bus, talking about their very healthy attraction to women? Where has the recording been for the last eleven years? Why is it just coming out now rather than during the primaries? Is it a coincidence that it was dropped on the same day as some extremely damaging leaks about Hillary Clinton?

Well, the hacktivist collective Anonymous has a brilliant and logical theory that addresses all of those questions. They believe that the original recording was harmless so it’s been doctored to include a few word swaps to make it far more controversial. Is that even possible? According to an audio expert that Anonymous consulted, changing or adding entire sentences would be slightly complicated but making single word swaps would have been very simple.“For that, you have to match the cadence and depths,” the source said about adding whole sentences, “but you could do it.” On changing single words, the source said, “If you wanted to change shoulder to p*ssy that would be easy.”

In the video that Anonymous just released, they explain how the doctoring could have been easily accomplished and how it wouldn’t have taken Trump’s people long to discover it is fake. Anonymous also claims to have an inside Trump Campaign source who tells them that they aren’t worried at all about the recording coming up in tonight’s debate. In fact, it seems that they are gleefully anticipating it.
Anonymous asserts that their source, who is close to Trump, remarked yesterday on Trump’s apology and the team’s overall reaction to the audio bombshell. “Yes, there’s a lot of calls, a lot of fallout. Trump was asked to apologize immediately and he’s a team player so he did. But the core team is also very calm. They’re telling everyone to just wait for tomorrow night. This is sure to come up and they aren’t just ready. They’re aching for it,” the source said.

By now, the recording that Trump’s people sent to be analyzed by audio experts has no doubt revealed the truth, whatever that might be. I suppose we will have to wait until tonight’s debate to find out what the Trump camp actually knows about the validity of the recording and whether or not the bombshell audio recording that was dropped on Trump’s campaign will actually turn out to be a suicide vest for Hillary’s presidential run, blowing up right in her face.
[h/t Rick Wells

One enterprising web producer has offered up the “Hillary Lick-A-Bitch” equivalent audio tape which features Hillary Clinton discussing a variety of randy sexual activities she supposedly engages in with DNC boss Donna Brazile and admin Huma Abedin. His tape appears to be a nearly perfect remix of probable broadcast news audio clips by Clinton. While the “Hillary Lick” producer claims it is “the real thing”, one may now need to assume that most sexual media about a Presidential candidate was created  on somebody’s Apple computer in their bedroom.


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