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Who Are The Main U.S. Companies Funding Anti-Trump Actions and Propaganda?

  1. AdRoll, Inc.

  2. Aeris Communications, Inc.

  3. Airbnb, Inc.

  4. AltSchool, PBC

  5. Ancestry.com, LLC

  6. Appboy, Inc.

  7. Apple Inc.

  8. AppNexus Inc.

  9. Asana, Inc.

  10. Atlassian Corp Plc

  11. Autodesk, Inc.

  12. Automattic Inc.

  13. Box, Inc.

  14. Brightcove Inc.

  15. Brit + Co

  16. CareZone Inc.

  17. Castlight Health

  18. Checkr, Inc.

  19. Chobani, LLC

  20. Citrix Systems, Inc.

  21. Cloudera, Inc.

  22. Cloudflare, Inc.

  23. Copia Institute

  24. DocuSign, Inc.

  25. DoorDash, Inc.

  26. Dropbox, Inc.

  27. Dynatrace LLC

  28. eBay Inc.

  29. Engine Advocacy

  30. Etsy Inc.

  31. Facebook, Inc.

  32. Fastly, Inc.

  33. Flipboard, Inc.

  34. Foursquare Labs, Inc.

  35. Fuze, Inc.

  36. General Assembly

  37. GitHub

  38. Glassdoor, Inc.

  39. Google Inc.

  40. GoPro, Inc.

  41. Harmonic Inc.

  42. Hipmunk, Inc.

  43. Indiegogo, Inc.

  44. Intel Corporation

  45. JAND, Inc. d/b/a Warby Parker

  46. Kargo Global, Inc.

  47. Kickstarter, PBC

  48. KIND, LLC

  49. Knotel

  50. Levi Strauss & Co.

  51. LinkedIn Corporation

  52. Lithium Technologies, Inc.

  53. Lyft, Inc.

  54. Mapbox, Inc.

  55. Maplebear Inc. d/b/a Instacart

  56. Marin Software Incorporated

  57. Medallia, Inc.

  58. A Medium Corporation

  59. Meetup, Inc.

  60. Microsoft Corporation

  61. Motivate International Inc.

  62. Mozilla Corporation

  63. Netflix, Inc.

  64. NETGEAR, Inc.

  65. NewsCred, Inc.

  66. Patreon, Inc.

  67. PayPal Holdings, Inc.

  68. Pinterest, Inc.

  69. Quora, Inc.

  70. Reddit, Inc.

  71. Rocket Fuel Inc.

  72. SaaStr Inc.

  73. Salesforce.com, Inc.

  74. Scopely, Inc.

  75. Shutterstock, Inc.

  76. Snap Inc.

  77. Spokeo, Inc.

  78. Spotify USA Inc.

  79. Square, Inc.

  80. Squarespace, Inc.

  81. Strava, Inc.

  82. Stripe, Inc.

  83. SurveyMonkey Inc.

  84. TaskRabbit, Inc

  85. Tech:NYC

  86. Thumbtack, Inc.

  87. Turn Inc.

  88. Twilio Inc.

  89. Twitter Inc.

  90. Turn Inc.

  91. Uber Technologies, Inc.

  92. Via

  93. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.

  94. Workday

  95. Y Combinator Management, LLC

  96. Yelp Inc.

  97. Zynga Inc.


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